More on Bastards

Dear Editor:Bastards. Really people? Get over it. I don't find the name offensive. What I do find offensive are all those self-righteous hypocrites writing in opposition to the name, saying we lack character and decorum, and questioning how we raise our children and what type of citizens we are. I, for one, am glad my child can read the name Bastards and even more proud that he knows what it means. I know the schools are doing their job. For every letter The Downey Patriot gets opposing the name, that just means more customers for Bastards. I know I will be there. And I hope they sell T-shirts! Elizabeth Frometa, Downey

Dear Editor: One business name (El Valu) was too racial sounding for the city and the (Bastards) is too profane for the public. Would the city approve of a Hooters restaurant opening its doors in our fine city? Vincent Diaz Downey

********** Published: May 03, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 03