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Dear Editor:I have a couple of letters recently regarding Downey Regional Medical Center's emergency room. I do understand. In fact, I recently spent almost four hours waiting to see a doctor. It is so uncomfortable sitting there in pain with sick people all around you. Unfortunately, most people waiting in the ER don't realize that people with "life threatening" situations also come into the ER. My son brought me into the ER when I was unable to breathe. I had congestive heart failure and my lungs were white (full of fluid) With the help of God and the amazing doctors in the ER, my life was saved. And I am here to write these letters to the editor. I love you Downey Regional Medical Center emergency room! And I want to thank all the people who had to wait while my friends and I were saved. God bless you. -- Grace Eshilian, Downey

Dear Editor: I have read the last two letters to the editor in respect to Downey Regional Medical Center. I have lived in the same house in this city since 1977. Over the years, many of our family members have been admitted to DRMC. My grandmother passed away there. In those days, the hospital was known as Downey Community Hospital. It was always a good hospital and a very much-needed asset to the community. Just as this city has changed in the last 30-plus years or so, so has DRMC. After having been operated on Feb. 2, 2006, for stage 3 cancer, unfortunately, I have been a rather frequent flyer to DRMC. My latest stay was on Aug. 15, 2010, for a partially collapsed left lung. That was hopefully my last visit or stay at DRMC. There is not enough space in this portion of the newspaper for me to write all the negatives I experienced while I was there for approximately one week. I can only say in my humble opinion that DRMC is only a shell of its former self of Downey Community Hospital. Until I sell my house and move from Downey, I have made it very clear to my family members that in the event I am unable to make a conscious decision, do not under any circumstances have me transported or admitted to DRMC. My preference is and will be Lakewood Regional Medical Center. I have also been in their hospital and there is no comparison in the treatment of the patient. They still have it right. For clarity, I must say that on my visit to DRMC last August, I was treated very well by the emergency staff. They all were outstanding but, although I was treated very well, this is where the "service" ended. Once I was admitted, everything from that point on went downhill rapidly. I would be negligent if I did not mention in all fairness to DRMC (against my opinion) that a majority of people I have encountered in ER didn't come close to what used to be defined as one needing emergency services. It appears to me that many people have turned the ER services into their own healthcare clinic. With this in mind, it still does not negate the overall lack of services of the DRMC staff. -- David Abney, Downey

********** Published: January 27, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 41