More than $25K collected for Red Cross relief efforts

DOWNEY - The Downey Police Department, in conjunction with the Fire Department and a number of city volunteer groups, hosted a 'fill-the-bucket' fundraiser for the American Red Cross last Saturday at Stonewood Center.The thousands of donations over the course of the 6 1/2 hour event amounted to $25,408.13. From checks and hundred dollar bills to spare change, every donation was important. The proceeds of the event were directed to the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. Volunteers from the Police and Fire Explorer posts, Downey Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Emergency Preparedness Committee, the Warren High School Red Cross Club and the Rio Hondo Chapter of the Red Cross teamed up to make the event a success. Downey City Council members also supported the event and participated in the activities. Over 3,500, specialized, emergency preparedness brochures (in English and Spanish) were provided to all Stonewood visitors, whether a donation was made or not. Five local restaurants supported the volunteers with the generous donation of a free lunch and snacks. The food helped to keep the volunteers energy up throughout the long day of fundraising. Marisa's Mexican Restaurant, the Olive Garden, BJs Brewery, Acapulco Restaurant and Pieloon all contributed to the success of the event. Experts are predicting a major earthquake will occur in Southern California sometime in the next several years, and now is the time for all members of the Downey community to firm up their emergency plans, to assemble emergency kits and supplies and to improve their awareness of the hazards of living in earthquake country. Experts predict a major earthquake will likely result in the loss of utilities and food supplies for much of the Southern California area. All transit routes are also expected to be heavily impacted by a severe earthquake. Everyone should have enough emergency supplies (water, food, communications, tools, first aid materials and shelter) to last seven days and a plan to live through the immediate aftermath of a disastrous earthquake.

********** Published: March 24, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 49