Most students plan to relax this spring break

DOWNEY - While students spend their time during school hustling to make grades and money, whether they plan or leave it to spontaneity, spring break seems to be a time to relax and let all of that go.Students today have a lot to juggle, and with the rising prices of tuition and gas, working is something that many students find necessary. Balancing grades, work and a social life can be difficult, and many students are forced to sacrifice social time for more adult responsibilities. That said, spring break is a time away from all of that - temporarily. While pushing through the school year can be a difficult and stressful task, spring break allows students to refuel, however they choose, before the downhill slope of the rest of the semester. Whether students plan out their vacations or prefer a more spontaneous route, many students plan to take the time off. "I'm not much of a planner, and I probably won't choose something until a couple of days before," said Warren High School alum Ashley Long-Labaar. "I am really looking forward to time off from school though. This semester especially has been super stressful, so I am going to try to make the most of my short break. If I did have a plan for break, it would be to get as far away from my house as possible; I'm thinking maybe San Diego, Vegas or Palm Springs - I'm not sure yet." Others have more concrete plans. "I definitely have a camping trip planned with a few friends," said Downey High School alum and Downey resident David Simpson. "I'm still debating whether to go to Joshua Tree or a spot my friend knows about that's a bit closer. Along with that, I have a plan to visit Nor Cal for two days to visit Berkeley and a couple other schools up there. I want to take the time to scope it out, see what they have to offer." So while students are making at least preliminary plans, what is motivating them to choose the activities they choose? "I'm taking some time off because I work full time to pay for school expenses and gas," said Warren alum and Downey resident Christian Perez. "I really want to go to Venice Beach, because I feel like my spring break should actually be spent relaxing. I also want to catch up on reading because I don't have as much time during school." Simpson feels similarly. "Camping is a trip for pleasure," said Simpson. "Just kickin' it and escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life. The trip to visit the school on the other hand is a motivational thing. I'm just about ready to transfer, and see the schools that I believe will get me pumped for the next step....I need some motivation!" So, the results seem to be an even mix. Some students enjoy catching up with work and having a more planned vacation, while others enjoy a more spontaneous and relaxed break - but it seems that most students could agree on one thing. "Spring breaks should be longer than one week!" said Perez.

********** Published: March 17, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 48