Mourning the mural

Dear Editor:Downey High's mosaic could have been saved. Downey city leadership chose otherwise, essentially an act of legalized vandalism. Though the mural was designed by one artist, the extraordinary Charlotte Von Troesch, it was created by many -- the students and residents of Downey. Because these things were done collectively as a way of expressing community, we were taught that it was about sharing and displaying civic pride. The destruction and disregard of cultural assets is commonplace. Destroying a symbol of our community, however, is quite another. It's too late to rescue the mosaic. But it is not too late for Downey's city hall leadership. Please don't let it happen again. On a personal note, I knew Charlotte. As an artist, she was tremendously talented, prodigious and generous. As a human being she was larger than life. She could have lived and thrived anywhere in the world. Yet she chose to live in Downey. I mourned our loss when she passed away. It seems I have to mourn her loss again. David Tseklenis Downey

********** Published: August 09, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 17