Moving the farmers market

Dear Editor:I personally contacted 16 merchants on Downey Avenue that were open for business and the results were as follows: 12 were opposed to the farmers market on Downey Avenue every Saturday and also on any Saturday; 3 were in favor and one was ambivalent or on the fence. My results were exactly opposite of the city's report. I had 75 percent opposed and 25 percent in favor, with one ambivalent. I wonder why there would be such a great difference between my results and the city's. I presented this report to the City Council along with the addresses of the merchants against the market and also those that were for. I suspect the report given by the city was a quick telephone poll with very little personal contact with these merchants. These Downey Avenue merchants are hard workers, some arriving as early as 6 a.m. and some not leaving until 8 p.m. These merchants pay sales taxes, Chamber of Commerce dues and have a business license. I'm not sure but I don't believe any of the market people pay sales taxes, Chamber dues or have a business license. Why are some of the council members so eager to cut off the Downey Avenue merchants on their busiest day? Why are some of the council members so willing and eager to inconvenience 4,000 cars each Saturday? Obviously they don't care about the economic effect this destructive plan will have on the Downey Avenue merchants. I believe the Council has a duty and responsibility to hear from the merchants and citizens of this city. I urge the Council to rethink their plans. Call a special meeting and let the merchants express their opinions and I hope you would keep an open mind to their problems and concerns. - Bob Udoff, Building Manager, 11015 Downey Ave.

Dear Editor: So happy to hear that the City Council, in another brilliant decision, has decided to move the farmers market to Downey Avenue for the obvious benefit of the new Porto's Bakery. Now hopefully the other restaurants on Downey Avenue that will be blocked by the move will now decide to open early and take advantage of the foot traffic. I have been wondering where I can park a block away and get a lasagna dinner or Chinese food at 9 in the morning. Thank you, Council, for another well thought-out decision. - Ed Romero, Downey

********** Published: May 7, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 3