Mural's destruction

Dear Dear Editor:This letter is addressed to Roger Brossmer, mayor of the city of Downey and assistant superintendent of the Downey Unified School District. Mr. Brossmer: Shame on you for not stepping up and doing what you could have to preserve the student-created mural at Downey High School. What purpose was served in allowing a piece of Downey's history to be so wantonly destroyed? It is common knowledge that there are many Downey residents who not only pled for the preservation of that mural, they offered the financial means by which to do so. You are an educator, Mr. Brossmer. Have you been out of the classroom so long you have forgotten the looks on your students' faces when they successfully completed a Herculean task? How do you think the students who donated countless hours to create that piece of art will feel, as they witness the calloused disregard for their mural which resulted in its now laying in broken pieces in a bed of dirt? How sad to see another piece of Downey's history fall by the proverbial wayside. Aaron Ross Downey

Dear Editor: This is so sad! I loved passing by that mural. Why did they do that? The murals are designed to stand the test of time. In 1975-76, I worked alongside many other art students under Mrs. Troesch (loved her!) designing and building another set of mosaic murals that also were demolished (I noticed they went missing in recent years) to my horror. Sometimes you can't go home again...this is a shame; a part of unique 20th century history associated with this old high school was destroyed. I don't even recognize the school anymore while driving by. What stupidity - the movers and shakers of Downey don't seem to care. Laura Hoffman (Altman) Downey

********** Published: August 02, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 16