Murders drop to 1975 levels

INDUSTRY - Criminal homicides in Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department patrol areas have decreased by 17.1% compared to last year, according to statistics released this week.As of June 30, there were 85 homicides in the Sheriff's patrol area, compared to 104 killings during the first half of last year. The decrease in murders marks the lowest homicide rate since 1975, Sheriff's officials said. The most notable decreases were in the Century Station (which includes the city of Lynwood and nearby unincorporated areas) and Compton Station. Compton Station homicides reduced by 30.2%, with 23 murders last year compared to 16 in 2010. Century Station had 19 killings during the same period last year, compared to 14 this year, for a 26.9% decrease. Reported incidents of violent crimes declined slightly (3.8%), as did serious property crimes (down 4.7%). "The safety of the public is our greatest concern. We encourage the community to enjoy the summer weather, yet we remind everyone that personal safety begins with each individual," said Sheriff Lee Baca. "The warmer months often bring increased consumption of alcoholic beverages and aggressive behavior by some people. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid contact with people or groups acting aggressively." Crime statistics and crime prevention information can be found online at

********** Published: July 8, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 12