Mutilating the Anthem

Dear Editor:We often read, and hear, of people complaining about the desecration or mutilation of our flag; and rightly so. We should all protest long and loud at any disrespect shown toward our flag. However, I rarely, if ever, hear of any complaints about the mutilation of our National Anthem, which happens far too often especially before most major sporting events. A good example was before Sunday night's football game between the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears. A young woman, who is probably considered to be an "artist" among her peers - and the word "artist" is being stretched to include a great deal of non-talent lately - really mutilated our National Anthem. The NFL and NBC should be ashamed to show such a spectacle. Perhaps that is why the game itself was such a circus. Several years ago, Kathy Lee Gifford sang the National Anthem before the Super Bowl, and no one has ever done it more beautifully. I thought then, and continue to think that her performance should have been recorded and made mandatory that it be played before every major sporting event. Allow these other people to mutilate their own music, if that is what they want to call it. -- Jim Lucas, Downey

********** Published: October 7, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 25