Name recognition

Dear Editor:Although I do not live in District 4, I watched the campaigning for City Council from the sidelines. I saw the Saab name all over town first, then some Vasquez signs, and finally a few Sears signs. I read good stories in the Patriot about the candidates and tried to figure out why the candidates were working to be on the City Council. Saab impressed me the most. I thought why would a young attorney spend all the time and energy to be on council? Sears simply appeared as if she had nothing better to do. Vasquez had the most to gain with his developer employer. So when the numbers came out after the election, the victorious candidate was based on name. My guess is that Vasquez won based on his Hispanic name, Sears received more than 1,000 votes because of her Caucasian name, and Saab was sandwiched in between. It seems rather ignorant that a name will get you elected to our City Council and not your sincere desire and abilities to help our city. But that is exactly what we have here thanks to District 4 voters. Thank you, District 4, for the Guerra, Marquez and Vasquez majority takeover. I think our last defense is Mr. Gafin. Next time you vote, please look beyond a name. Otherwise, I think I will run and will admit, I am unqualified. -- Mario Paez, Downey

********** Published: November 11, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 30