NASCAR out of touch

Dear Editor:Wake up, NASCAR! I just can't believe you would sell the people out again. I am talking about those who enjoy watching the races on "free" TV, especially now that you have gotten back to old-time racing. But now with the country down and families losing jobs and their homes, which included their cable TV, you would sell out to the cable station over free TV. Taking ABC away and going to ESPN is a bad deal for those that can't afford cable. Do you understand that your sponsors and the companies who advertise on your stations during the races and on the cars that are in the races will not be seen by millions of people who would have been watching the races if you left the sport on free TV? As for me, I am one of the millions who will no longer get to enjoy the broadcast races (or see the sponsors and commercials that support NASCAR). Maybe you should change the name from Spring Cup Racing to Cable Cup Racing! This is just one more thing that is lost to the general viewing public due to carpetbaggers; when greed for the almighty dollar takes over the public entertainment value. The next thing we know, the cable companies will be attacking FOX, CBS, NBC…all private and public stations. It is bad enough the government has lost touch with the people, but now NASCAR! What's next? - Robert (B.J.) Gustafson, Downey

********** Published: March 12, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 47