New traffic signal complete but over budget

DOWNEY - Installation of a traffic signal at Lakewood Boulevard and Columbia Way was completed at a total cost of $174,671, about $12,700 more than originally budgeted, according to a final contract approved by the City Council this week.The project was delayed when the city independently purchased four traffic signal poles in an attempt to speed up construction time. It would have taken the contractor 8-12 weeks to obtain its own poles, city officials said. But the supplier delivered an incorrect traffic pole that was incompatible with the traffic signal equipment, delaying construction. "As a result, the contractor was unable to assemble the new traffic signal...which caused construction delays," public works director John Oskoui wrote in a staff report. City officials then discovered the traffic signals needed to be upgraded to meet county traffic control standards and requirements. This included one additional traffic signal pole, pedestrian push button and module, wiring, mounts and brackets. The city also added a digital video camera to monitor traffic and relieve congestion. Upgrading the traffic signals and adding a video camera added $12,712.50 to the project cost, including credits the city received because it delivered its own traffic signal poles and eliminated painting work from the original contract. The City Council agreed in April 2011 to install the traffic signal for easier access to the Columbia Memorial Space Center, Discovery Sports Complex and the Kaiser Permanente hospital. -Eric Pierce, city editor

********** Published: February 16, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 44