New Year’s resolutions

The Downey Patriot asked readers on Facebook for their New Year’s resolutions. Below are some of their answers: Michael Chirco: Stop drinking alcohol.

Trisha Saulenas: Forgive those who don’t deserve forgiveness so that I can be at peace!

Diana George: To improve the look of my house because Downey is a beautiful city.

Esmeralda Padilla: To graduate in May with honors and become an amazing middle school teacher.

Magali Guerrero: I love to volunteer and help people out as much as I can, but this coming year I will be looking to volunteer more in our beautiful city to help maintain it gang free and to help as many people that I can who are in need of anything. I believe 2015 will be the year that I will finally give back to our city.

Debi Amador: To let go of the bad things other people do and not let other people’s bad attitude control my attitude.

Liz Frometa: To run more! To love more! And learn to play golf!

Cesar Sanchez: To purchase my first home in Downey where I was raised.

Victoria Serrano: For the 10th year now, learn how to play the guitar...this year for real!

Carlos Gomez: No late fees on my bills.

Marisa Mae: To pass the CA state bar.

Rose Weyman: One of my goals for 2015 is to give back to the community by serving on a Board of a Non-Profit organization. I love to help raise money for a cause.

Stephanie Saxton Alonzo: To be kind and give a smile to those whom I cross paths with.

Brenda Quintero-Varela: Drink water. Get to work on time. Haha!

Amanda Shute: This upcoming year I’m going to try to become more green by using more environmentally safe products and low- to non-energy using appliances.

Tomas De La Mora: I want to be a better speller of words and right better to.

Ruby Aleman: To be an all around better person to my husband, because he is a good husband to me from 1965 to 2014!

Javier Lizarde: Hopefully I can get hired.

Jaime Cornejo: To not get my car broken into on Gallatin.

Alex Aguirre: To lose some weight.

Jaynne Galvan: Read more books.

Lucero Ana Isabel: My  New Year’s resolution is definitely going to be to travel more, need to see the world.

Angeline Deo: Be realistic and have no resolutions, because they never get done anyways. LOL.

Rodolfo Sandoval III: Get closer to Jesus and treat everybody with integrity.

Gladys Manzo: To volunteer more and pay off my student loans.

Amaryllis Velasco: To finish my credential program and become a teacher (hopefully in the DUSD) by the end of 2015.

Kellie Sands: Just to be a better ME... Mother, daughter, sister, friend etc.

Monica Murray: To be more optimistic.

Arthur G Burgueno: Make 2015 better for me and my family.

Valerie Herrera: To love myself and my family more!

Benjamin Valdez: To be an all around better person.

Pablo Liberto: To do things better than I did last year.

Abel Velazquez: To wake up early.

Jamie Smallwood-Gonzales: To lose weight and help more at RSG in my boys’ classrooms (Mrs. Ketchem and Mrs. Ticknor).

Douglas Himebaugh: Not to break last year’s resolution?

Jay Jay: Make less money because 2014 was great. I don’t like being greedy.



Published: Jan. 1, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 38