Nice gesture

Dear Editor:There are some extra good people out there! I recently went to the CVS pharmacy on Florence Avenue to pick up some items for my wife. Having completed my shopping, I went to one of the checkout stations where the clerk rang up my charges of $30. When I went to pay, I discovered that I had brought no money or credit card. I asked the clerk to cancel the transaction, set my order aside, and take care of the young lady behind me. This required the manager's approval. When the manager arrived, the young lady behind me told the manager to put my charges on her bill. I told her I really appreciated her offer, but that I lived nearby and would return shortly with my money. I also reminded her that my charges were $30, not just a few cents. She again insisted on paying. After a big thank you from me, she said, "You're welcome. Goodnight." The manager, clerk and I all agreed we hadn't seen anything like that before. I'm sure it couldn't have been for my looks. I'm an old (86) man, and she was a very attractive young woman. One with a very big heart! In honor of some very kind lady out there, I have made donations to the American Red Cross and the L.A. Mission - just to keep the good thought going. - Dean Fisher, Downey

********** Published: March 12, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 47