No to nightlife

Dear Editor:Something is wrong or I‚Äàmisunderstood. Is Christian Brown telling us Downey is going to become full of cantinas, bars, nightclubs, drunk drivers, car accidents, noise, shootings, etc., and night life after 2 a.m. will affect our time to get rest and sleep?‚Äà("In Downey, Signs of a Growing Nightlife,"‚Äà7/7/11) If it is a money matter at City Hall, I do recommend the next step is to make harlotry legal on Downey's streets; the city will be a landmark nationally and worldwide, and bring a lot of money to City Hall. I moved to Downey two years ago because homeowners here are proud of their properties and their city; did the City Council have a meeting with city residents?‚ÄàWould we dare ask John Dolland, John Gately Downey, Matson Duke Crawford or J.W. Venable their opinion of this "wonderful" idea? I‚Äàcan't wait every week to read Christian Brown's articles about local properties, history and how marvelous it is to live in Downey; and now this! -- Abel De la Torre Downey

********** Published: July 14, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 13