Not your old, boring fundraiser

DOWNEY - Defying the laws of boring fundraisers, Girls League Association of Warren is shaking things up with Casino Royale, to be held on Friday, March 19, in the Warren library from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.Never before held as a school function, Casino Royale is taking students back to the 1920s for a night of great food, casino tables, an art show auction, raffles, and more. "Although Casino Royale is a fundraiser, the primary goal is for students to get together and enjoy a night of delicious food and games," said Sara Nielsen, the senior advisor of Girls League. "We will measure our success in the amount of fun had by our attendees." Everything will be 1920s-themed, and students are encouraged to dress up in the fashion of this era. Many attendees are planning on wearing flapper dresses and outfits. Although doors open at 6 p.m., the start of the night begins at 6:30 p.m. with dinner and socializing. While purchasing the $15 tickets, students were asked to pick which table they would prefer for the dinner, to ensure that friends will be able to sit next to each other. After an hour of dinner, the casino tables will open for the next two hours, where students can play various card games like black jack and poker. As a substitute for real money, however, attendees will receive tokens upon entrance that will act as their payment to play at the casino tables. In addition to receiving dinner and game tokens, the students will also be receiving raffle tickets for the raffle-off of several prizes at the end of the night. Students can choose which of the prizes is most appealing, and can opt to win the one of his or her choice. For those who don't find the casino tables amusing, they can make their way out to the area cleared off for music and dancing. Students are also encouraged to bring extra money for the art show that will be hosted during the night. The art pieces are those of other students who have donated their artwork for the Girls League cause. The night will come to a close with the final crowning of the King and Queen of Games. Throughout the night, there will be a projected screen that will keep track of who is winning the most games at the casino tables. Thus, by 10 p.m., the highest-scoring winner will be crowned as Casino Royale royalty, sash included. "The committees started preparing since December, and we have been preparing for about 3 months," said Girls League secretary Neveen Youssef. "Especially because it's the first time we are doing this, we want to make sure this event will be memorable. We're putting a lot into this, we want to kick off this event with a bang." Preparations for this event have been immense, with various different factions cooperating to make this a great event. Girls League Association is a service club on campus, and presently in its ninth year boasts a membership of nearly 350 members. The funds raised through this fundraiser will contribute to the Girls League Service Bear College Scholarship Fund, the Warren High School Library, and to the Girls League Association itself.

********** Published: March 19, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 48