Nudity in America

Dear Editor:I am exceedingly grateful to The Downey Patriot for having printed most of my "Letters to the Editor" but I was surprised and disappointed when I read "America's Hangup with Nudity." If Michael Foster is a historian, I'm surprised he didn't appear to know the U.S. was founded on Judea-Christian values. What nudity was presented in Beijing in the Summer Olympics ("a statue bare-breasted and bare-bottomed woman was plainly visible") is nothing I can control. Is he using Beijing as a model country? How many reading this would trade living in the U.S. with living in Beijing? He says "America remains prudish." Way to go America! He says we're uptight about nudity, but happy to watch it on TV. I don't and won't watch it on TV and have personally boycotted Carl's Jr. because of their disgusting ads. Lindsay Lohan and Helen Mirren are not on the list of people I admire most. And money isn't the most important thing in life, and I don't and never will contribute to PETA to see women strip to raise money. We are living in a time when the whole world could be at war over the Middle East. People are hungry and suffering. People can't find jobs, our leadership in the U.S. is, at best, mediocre to poor. We're murdering babies. Even our President has said he'd teach his daughters. Yes, and Mr. Foster, not only the Super Bowl ads are trashy, but there's a lot on TV that is. Perhaps Mr. Foster should live in San Francisco. They allow public nudity there, but alas, they had to make a law so they couldn't eat in a restaurant nude, because they could perhaps spread germs and disease, sitting where the nude before you sat. If Mr. Foster doesn't want to be "uptight," he can go to the beach where women are practically nude and just stand in line behind some young man whose pants are so low in the back you can practically see their behind. Or go stand in line with a young girl who has sleeves so big you can see her bra and more. Considering the situation in the U.S. is in now, I'd say, we should go back to the Biblical principles and bow before the Almighty God and ask for His forgiveness and protection and to restore morals again to the U.S. How painful and disgusting to have to go home from the beach with an awkward tan, Mr. Foster. The embarrassment must be unbearable! Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: April 5, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 51