Nurse trainees save a life at Mimi's Cafe

Four emergency room nurses went out for lunch yesterday and ended up saving a life in the process. Jennifer Lorenzetti, Kimberly Valencia, Nicholas Morales and Michael Angcaco, emergency room trainees at Downey Regional Medical Center, were at Mimi's Cafe on Tuesday at 1 p.m. on their lunch break. As they were eating, a customer rushed over to the group, who were dressed in their scrub attire with DRMC nametags, and asked if they could help a man who was turning blue on the other side of the restaurant. When they arrived on scene, Valencia immediately "threw the bus boy off the unconscious man and started performing CPR," hospital officials said. Lorenzetti took over after a few minutes and brought the man back to consciousness. By the time paramedics arrived, the man had been revived. Toni Simmons, director of emergency nursing at DRMC, and Bertha Somoano, ER nurse educator, said they were "very proud" of their new trainees. "It was truly an extraordinary example of DRMC meeting the healthcare needs of the community," the hospital said in a statement.