Obama's plan

Dear Editor:At first I thought President Obama was just inept, not knowing what he was doing or as an old saying goes, just "green" in more than just bad judgment and poor at math. Not so! It is, in my opinion, a plan to take the U.S. down. Remember his statement five days before he was elected: "In five days you are going to see a fundamental change in this country." Is this the change you expected? Charles Krauthammer said if President Obama's tax on the rich was passed, 250 years of this taxing wouldn't pay for last year's spending. Did you want billions spent on Solyndra and many other failed "green" projects, plus bonuses, only to have the solar panels destroyed as Solyndra did, because it was cheaper than storing them? Now new projects doing the same thing are in the works which will be funded. I asked Senators Feinstein and Boxer's offices why. Their reply was "it has been budgeted." I don't know what budget, as we haven't had a budget in three years - just wild spending and debt. If solar and wind power is so great, why haven't Warren Buffet and others invested in it? The plan for the Progressives and liberal President Obama is to divide and bring chaos - poor against rich, ethnicity hatred and division, Wall Street vs. Occupy Wall Street "do nothings" who don't or won't work, business vs. government control, Obama healthcare vs. private insurance companies, and now working women vs. those who chose to stay home and rear their children. Did you want a country with more on food stamps than ever before, or where more can't find a job? A country that is rich in natural resources but this "green" president won't let us develop them? Warren Buffet is who President Obama is using to pattern his tax program. Buffet is worth $34 billion and is now being sued for $5 million in back taxes. Also, Obama is using President Reagan's name to increase taxes. The different between Reagan and Obama is that Reagan told the truth - something that appears to be foreign to Obama. If you need more information to realize it is Obama's plan to take the U.S. down, this is a partial list. Consider what he told the Russian president on an open mic when he wasn't aware of it - that he would have more flexibility after the election. This flexibility meant that we would not upgrade our U.S. defense system missile so as to please Russia. The defense of our country shouldn't be threatening to any country - it is to defend the U.S.A. Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: April 19, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 01