Offending billboard

Dear Editor:This is a rebuttal to the ongoing letters of concern on the issue of Spanish language billboards and advertising in the city of Downey. (Letters to the Editor, 9/2/10) It is in the interest, and a known fact, that local businesses deal with citizens of the local community. This is a diverse country. You will see bilingual advertisements throughout our state and country. If you go to Orange County, you will see ads in Vietnamese. Go to Los Angeles or San Francisco, and you will see Chinese, Korean and a vast variety of other languages in all kinds of public advertising. The majority of this advertising is paid for by large banks, big oil companies, local auto dealers, national realtors, etc. Like it or not, any and all foreign-language billboards and/or advertising found in Downey is good for the city as it brings in badly-needed revenue. -- Vincent Diaz, Downey

Dear Editor: I would like to piggyback on Susan Courtney's letter, "Spanish Billboard". Whenever I see a billboard or sign on the side of a bus in all Spanish, I figure they don't want my money. As a result, I write them a letter and tell them why I won't be buying their product or going in their store. We could learn a lot from the French. French must be on all business signs, cards, billboards, etc. If there is another language included, it must be smaller and below the French. It's the law. -- Doreen Lorand, Downey

********** Published: September 9, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 21