OLPH School places emphasis on art

DOWNEY - Our Lady of Perpetual Help School last Friday presented "Kaleidoscope of Art," a student art exhibit displaying the creativity of 312 students at the parochial school.While so many other schools are cutting fine arts programs, OLPH School is expanding its art curriculum. "Art is an integral part of elementary school education," said principal Steffani McMains. "Art balances the curriculum, allowing the development of the whole child. We are thrilled to offer OLPH students the opportunity to express themselves in this way." Art teacher Victoria Wick received a grant earlier this school year to purchase a kiln, which further advanced the art program by adding ceramics to the curriculum. The school encourages students to express ideas, opinions and judgments through their own art production or in discussion of other works. "Our students are the next generation of professional artists. They create works that will reflect and shape the world to come," Wick said. Wick said the school's art curriculum "encourages appreciation of aesthetics, group and individual creativity, communication, knowledge, and understanding of cultures, aesthetic literacy and analytical thinking skills, developed through experiences in art criticism and appreciation." Plans are already underway for another exhibit in the 2013 school year.

********** Published: May 17, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 05