Olympic success

Dear Editor:My opening ceremonies party was a huge success - standing room only. And everyone loved the all-you-can-eat authentic English food, including lashings of H.P. sauce, Coleman's mustard and pickled onions. My eyes may be square from all the Olympic Games viewing. In particular, I was thrilled to see all the sights from my birth country and the city where I was born: London. I couldn't help being amazed at how the Games are pulled together. The technology, people involved and the 7-year planning that had to be sure to pull everything together on-time. But the thing about the Olympics that struck me the most was the human behavior brought out by the Games. Athletes from countries who hate each other being friendly and helpful to those who were injured and hugging the winners in events where they lost. Why can't we all copy those feelings and show the same comradeship with our fellow global participants? There were over 200 nations participating in the Games and it was successfully left to the athlete participants and all of the entourage they came with to show all who watched how treating others can be and should be. I know, not in my lifetime, but I hope others who watched one of the greatest spectacles on the planet will take with them some of that behavior in their daily lives. FYI: did you notice when the queen jumped from the helicopter that she was wearing knee-high hose? That was probably for comfort! Shirley Johnson Downey

********** Published: August 16, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 18