Online payments

Dear Editor: The city of Downey should give us the option of being able to pay utility bills online. After all, it is 2014. We can pay our trash bill online. Why not our utility bills? I am even sending this letter to you via email through your website.

I came from the city of Anaheim and they have been collecting payments online for years. The addition to our city webpage should not be difficult. Less paper would have to be delivered by mail; collections via the website would be quicker, and timelier. This is a win/win situation. We just need to push our leaders to set it up.

Our city is growing in good ways. The new restaurants on Firestone Blvd. look great and appear to be well attended. Let’s continue the trend with how we manage our finances. I sent an email to the city manager last week but have yet to get a response.

People of Downey; what are your thoughts?

Mark Lopez




Published: Dec. 4, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 34