Open letter to residents

Dear Editor:An open letter from 10 former mayors to the citizens of Downey: Though very few of us typically agree, and we are definitely not all friends, there is one thing we do agree on: Alex Saab. Alex Saab is by far the most qualified candidate in the Citywide Council District 5 election this November 6. Alex is prepared for this job and deserves your vote (as well as the votes of your family and friends). Living in Downey is a choice we all make. You as citizens made the choice to come to Downey (or to stay in Downey) because of what Downey offered you. Our independence as a city (with its own police, fire and schools) has been something defining Downey since we incorporated back in 1956. Today, that very independence is being threatened. And the threat is real. Don't be fooled. There is another candidate in this election, Salvador Franco (a former Bell Gardens city councilmember), who is receiving the majority of his support because of his promise to a special interest that wants to dissolve Downey's independence and local control. It may just be the Downey Fire Department today, but it could be the Downey Police Department and the Downey Unified School District tomorrow. Mr. Franco will slowly but surely compromise our independent city. Bell Gardens Councilman Salvador Franco will slowly but surely compromise our safety. Mr. Franco will slowly but surely cause Downey to lose its identity and uniqueness. Mr. Franco will slowly but surely erase much of the great progress Downey has made over the years. We are all supporting Alex Saab this November 6 because Alex is a person of conviction and commitment. Alex is committed to keeping the Downey Fire Department and keeping Downey independent. Alex is also a progressive pro-business leader. His dedication to Downey has brought the 10 of us former mayors together, not something anyone has ever accomplished before. We care about our community. We care about our safety. We care about our independence. We care about Downey. Go to the voting polls and vote for whomever you want for President, but just make sure to keep turning the ballot pages and vote Alex Saab for Downey City Council. He will be on everyone's ballot, and he should be on everyone's mind this November 6. You will never regret voting for Alex Saab this November 6, but you will regret not voting for him. Keep Downey independent and with local control. Mayor Roger Brossmer Former Mayor Mario A. Guerra Former Mayor Dave Gafin Former Mayor Anne Bayer Former Mayor Kirk Cartozian Former Mayor Meredith Perkins Former Mayor Bob Winningham Former Mayor Keith McCarthy Former Mayor Bob Brazelton Former Mayor Diane Boggs

********** Published: October 25, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 28