Operation Prom

With Prom looming around the corner, many students at Warren High are worried about the cost of getting there. However, Warren has provided a solution that has helped relieve many seniors who couldn't afford the pricey tickets. Prom ticket prices are ranging from $75 to $95 and many students felt overwhelmed about the increasing prices of senior activities. With yearbooks, caps and gowns, class rings, grad night, and other school activities, many seniors felt burdened with the load of money they had to pay, and with the recession still intact, many families are struggling to meet these high costs.The fundraiser for seniors began on March 5th and ended on April 1st, then started again on April 6th until May 6th when ASB seniors wanted to make it a bit easier for the seniors who wanted to go to prom, but were having trouble affording it. Warren's ASB advisor, Cari White says, "This is not meant to be a fundraiser for ASB, but is strictly being used to assist seniors financially." The fundraiser required the seniors to sell "Southeast LA Enjoy," a coupon book, for $20 each. For each book, the student gets a $10 profit, which directly goes to their prom tickets. In order to get one's prom fully paid for, the student had to sell 8 books, of which they receive one free book. More than 140 seniors took this opportunity and checked out many coupon books, currently there are about 30 seniors who have their ticket fully paid for. "I think it's great that the school is providing us with these kinds of opportunities because it really does lift a huge weight off of ours and our parent's wallets," said senior Nancy Kim. Many seniors have cited that this fundraiser has been very beneficial for them. Kim further adds, "They should definitely have this fundraiser for next year and the years after that because there are always going to be students that are having trouble with the financial demands of being a senior."

********** Published: May 1, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 2