Part time legislators

Dear Editor:It is way past time to make our California Legislature a part-time job because it seems like they are on a vacation pay status as far as doing any meaningful work. Putting in the time, all year long, on our taxpayers' dime. These "fool" time politicos have failed California for so long that they will eventually bankrupt the state with their perks, per diems and pensions and rotten laws. Do your children, family, relatives, friends and everyone else the best favor you can ever do for them. Save all their futures! In case you never thought of it before, your children inherit all of the taxes passed by all politicians -- federal, state, county, cities and districts -- even before they earn a dime for themselves. It's time for these politicians to go out and get a real job to see how the average people have to struggle to make a living. If we're successful, they'll earn $1,500 a month instead of $8,000. Secure a Citizen Legislature Act petition, get signatures and send it back to People's Advocate, 3407 Arden Way, Sacramento CA 95825, attention Ted Acosta, before the early May deadline. You can make it happen. Legislators now make $95,000 per year, with $141 per diem for every day they are in session, plus all travel expenses. Go to Be good to yourself and others. Thank you! -- Joe Cvetko, Bellflower

********** Published: March 08, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 47