PEO Chapter JK

PEO Chapter JK recently celebrated its 70th birthday at the home of Diane Hunt. Members pictured, left to right: Frances Benson, Barbara Briley-Beard, Peggy Morgan, Marian Curtis, Adele Alexander, Judy Faust, Jean Johnson, Laurie Marks, Helen Rodgers, Marilyn Evans, Lea Fratello, Ione Van Petten, Colleen Edmonson, Yvonne Swain, Diane Hunt, Margie Jo Powell, Arlene Hofmayer, Sophie Giebler, Kathy Brandon and Nancy Nash. Members not pictured are Frances Barnes, Georgia Benadom, Peggy Farnham, Bernice Mason, Debbie Miller-Hernandez, Chloe Mocciaro, Mary Stauffer, Marilyn Stromberg and Cathy Sullivan. ********** Published: July 3, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 11