Physician publishes new book

DOWNEY - Dr. Gerald Coy, a practicing physician in Downey for 40 years, has published a 250-page book "packed full of information on the shocking reality of today's health care.""In "Solutions to the American Health Crisis," Coy places critical emphasis on each person being more responsible for his or her own health. "It is public knowledge that hundreds of thousands die every year from medical errors, accidental overdoses and overall bad medicine," a press release for the book says. "Solutions' is a must-read and every doctor's waiting room should have one for their patients to read." In the book, Coy said solutions to the country's health crisis should come from the public sector rather than government. "The public has to be made aware of health risks and be able to make informed decisions, better decisions, to change what they are doing in order to really have good health," said Coy, while acknowledging his book "will no doubt upset a lot of professionals." Proceeds from sales of "Solutions" will benefit the CHER Clinic in Downey, an "ability-to-pay" alternative and natural health care services clinic. To order a copy, call the CHER Foundation at (562) 776-1744.

********** Published: November 25, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 32