PIQE program a success at Warren High

Eager parents swarmed the Warren library to attend the Parent Institute for Quality Education graduation on Wednesday, Dec. 12, with the satisfaction of knowing that their completion of this 9-week PIQE course meant conditional acceptance to any Cal State University for all their children.During the graduation ceremony, every name of the parent graduates was read, and each received a certificate of graduation signed by Chancellor Charles B. Reed of the Cal State University System. In addition, both Principal John Harris and Assistant Principal Don Rounds of Warren attended the ceremony and congratulated each graduate for their completion. "I am expecting 200 plus parents at the meeting," said Rounds when asked before the first introduction session what his attendance prediction was. Surpassing all expectations, approximately 400 parents attended the first of nine meetings back in Sept. 24. However, the biggest surprise emerged in the 2009 PIQE graduation, where a total of 399 Downey families were represented and recognized for completing the 9-week process. "We've never had such a strong turnout of parents at any school we have presented this program at," said Martha Adams, the executive director of PIQE. The greatest motive that attracted parents to the PIQE program was the incentive of obtaining conditional acceptance to any school in the CSU system for their children, especially when the only requirement was to attend a total of nine meetings. To add to the list of benefits, PIQE also provides free child care on the day of the meeting. PIQE, a nine-session crash course for any and all parents, focuses on teaching parents the key to understanding student success, hoping to establish a school to parent to student relationship in order to best facilitate the student's learning progression. "PIQE is a spotlight on things to consider for students' success, for the high school experience," said Rounds. "And absolutely, I encourage this program." Within the nine sessions, PIQE covers the essential key points to student success and balance, from topics that include but are not limited to the high school system, the importance of grades, financial aid, etc. After the completion of the program, a graduation ceremony takes place, where the parents receive the invaluable certificate that includes the names of all their children whom now may receive conditional acceptance to all Cal State Universities. No matter how many children, or what the age of the child is, as long as the name is on the certificate, conditional admission into the university is granted. Conditional acceptance, in this case, means that the student will be given priority acceptance into the Cal State University of his or her choice, as long as the student meets the standard requirements to be eligible to enter the CSU, such as the A-G requirements, GPA, and likewise. The current success of the program has encouraged Warren to continue on with the PIQE system in order to make this phenomenal opportunity more available for parents who are interested, and there is a high possibility that the window to join will be reopened next fall.

********** Published: December 18, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 35