Police gains approval for new chairs

DOWNEY - The Downey Police Department will purchase eight new chairs for their Report Room using money from the city's Asset Forfeiture Fund.The City Council approved the request on Tuesday and appropriated $2,101 for the purchase. The Report Room is where police officers write their reports, book evidence and interview juveniles who have been arrested, Police Chief Roy Campos wrote in a report for the Council. As other divisions of the department received new chairs, the Report Room received hand-me-downs. According to Campos, "the chairs are beginning to break down, and many of the adjustment features are no longer working properly." The chairs will be purchased from Consolidated Office Systems of Fullerton. Code Enforcement currently uses the same type of chairs and has reported no problems, Campos said. According to Campos, the Asset Forfeiture Fund currently stands at about $5 million. --Eric Pierce

********** Published: August 14, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 17