Police help nearly 50 SUV owners mark third-row seats

DOWNEY - Police officials in Downey deemed "Operation Save our Seats" - an effort to reduce the rising number of SUV third-row seat thefts - a success after nearly 50 vehicle owners signed up to have their seats etched with identification numbers.The program was created and implemented by Detective Ethan Roberts, the department's auto theft and burglary investigator. Roberts launched the program after investigating ways to increase the chances of having their third-row seats returned should they be stolen. As a result, 47 local residents took their SUVs to the Downey Police Department last Saturday, where police etched identifying information into the seats. Roberts also installed seat locks in many of the vehicles and offered crime prevention tips and advice on how to lessen their chances of becoming a victim. The services were offered to the community at no charge. SUV third-row seats are popular with thieves for their high resale value. They can also be removed quickly, often in less than a minute. For more information on "Operation Save our Seats," call Detective Roberts at (562) 904-2334 or the detective bureau at (562) 904-2310.

********** Published: March 29, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 50