Police nab suspected Puffy Coat Bandit

CERRITOS - Police in Upland arrested the "Puffy Coat Bandit" on Tuesday, who is suspected of a series of bank robberies throughout the southland, including a heist in Cerritos.A detective with the Upland Police Department stopped Steven Dwayne Paulson, 46, because he and his vehicle matched the description of the suspect, FBI officials said. The "Puffy Coat Bandit" was nicknamed based on the ski-style jacket worn during a robbery that occurred on Dec. 20 in Chino. In subsequent robberies linked to the same suspect, the bandit wore a similar jacket, but in others, is seen wearing a thick plaid jacket. In all of the robberies, the suspect is seen wearing either a baseball cap or a beanie-style knit cap, and does not conceal his facial features. According to witnesses, the Puffy Coat Bandit enters the bank, presents a note demanding cash and simulates a weapon he indicates is concealed under his jacket, the FBI said. The Puffy Coat Bandit is suspected of robbing a U.S. Bank in Chino, Premier Services in Corona, Mission Oaks Bank in Lake Elsinore, Union Bank in Glendora, Chase Bank in Cerritos, U.S. Bank in Chino and Comerica Bank in Rancho Cucamonga.

********** Published: January 12, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 39