Political priorities

Dear Editor: What am I missing? Our President is over in India promoting global warming while New York City is experiencing the worst snowstorm in history!

Now they’re predicting glaciers melting, oceans rising, etc. when they can’t accurately predict rain and snow a few days ahead, much less 20 or 30 years ahead. Guess he has no other issue for his legacy.

Finally gas prices have gone down, not to the $1.86 a gallon when Obama took office, but now the feds and state want to tax it more. Those who could afford to buy a hybrid car use our highways, but don’t have to pay for them, only the cars that use gasoline. Kind of reminds me of the recent tax put on Downey homeowners for our schools, even though 39 percent of the students don’t live in Downey. Downey schools encourage this so as to get ADA, but we homeowners pay for it for 30 years. The state of California taxes should support the schools equally.

Another thing that’s worrisome -- from the governor down to state senators and Assemblymen are sworn to uphold the California constitution. It’s one of three things: 1.) They didn’t read it; 2.) They didn’t understand it; or 3.) They weren’t honest and decided not to pay attention to it.

Not only do they not enforce it, just recently 38 percent of Hispanics took their driving test in Spanish and many did not have to take a driving test. Did you have to take the driving test when you got your first driving license? Of course, we only had to open four new DMVs and hire 1,000 new employees to handle this.

But then, the state is flush with extra money, our confiscated money.

Elsa Van Leuven




Published: Feb. 12, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 44