Portion control helps with weight loss

There are many diets on the market and one thing they have in common is portion control.If you burn more calories that you consume, you will lose weight. So if you're not ready to count calories just yet, never fear, portion control is here. Here are a few pointers to help you with portion control: •Eat healthy snacks between your meals to ensure you don't overeat •Order from the light menu at restaurants; these meals will usually consist of 300-500 calories. •Order a kids-size meal at fast food places •Drink a glass of water before you eat a meal •Lastly, start an exercise program. Studies have shown people who start to exercise make better eating choices. Carl Causly is a certified personal trainer and teaches a Body Sculpt and Body Sculpt 50 Plus class at the Barbara J. Riley Community and Senior Center. For fitness questions, e-mail him at trainwithcarl@aol.com or find him on Twitter at @trainwithcarl.

********** Published: February 23, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 45