Pot holes and accountability

Dear Editor:Four months ago I‚Äàattended a City Council meeting and presented pictures of the pot holes on the corner of Lubec Street and Paramount Boulevard and pointed out the liability of the city of Downey should an accident occur, rather, when it will occur. I also wrote a letter to the Patriot and called Downey "a city just a little north of the border." Let me change it to just like any city south of the border. After I made my speech, a tall Welshman in charge of the maintenance department shook my hand and promised to get it fixed. This, of course, was a blatant lie as nothing has been done. It seems to me even the city of Downey is staffed with self-serving and, in certain other departments, possibly corrupted individuals, like has become common practice in the highest levels of government. The so-called public servants pocket six-figure incomes. I‚Äàwould like to know for what?‚ÄàThere appears to be no accountability regarding their job achievements. I know as a simple old retiree I do not have much power to change the attitude of city government. I will send my letter to the Patriot and maybe motivate other citizens to get results. I am in position to leave Downey at any time to make room for some more undesirable elements which the Downey hierachy seems to prefer. I‚Äàprobably give them too much credit to think that far ahead. As I‚Äàmentioned at the meeting, any criminal mind will see an opportunity to stage an accident that will cost Downey a fortune in liability monies. No one was impressed nor cared about my findings. I‚Äàdo have a bad knee but my upbringing and being a Christian prevents me from getting some easy money. - Dieter Oltersdorf, Downey

********** Published: April 10, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 51