Power outage blamed on faulty cable

DOWNEY - The power outage on the evening of July 5 was caused by an underground cable failure in two separate locations in the Downtown Downey area, according to Southern California Edison (SCE).The outage impacted a large number of residents and business owners. Fortunately, SCE emergency crews were able to use switches to channel their power around the cable failures and power the supply circuits back up after about two hours. SCE plans to replace the faulty cable before the end of the month. Residents and business customers that could be affected by the scheduled repair work will be notified in advance by SCE. SCE did not identify the hot weather as a contributing factor to the faulty cable problem. When a power outage occurs, especially during a high demand period, SCE recommends most electrical devices be switched off. Power surge protectors should be used for sensitive electronic appliances like computers. These devices stop the surges of electrical power that are associated with power outages. Opening your refrigerator is discouraged because this action allows the cold air to escape. It is recommended that a light in a sleeping room be left in the 'on' position to remind residents to check their homes for problems once the power resumes. Members of the Police, Fire and Public Works Departments worked together to maintain traffic safety on Firestone and Paramount boulevards. The outage forced the Police Dept and City Hall complex to run on generator power for approximately two hours. There were no problems associated with outage.

********** Published: July 14, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 13