Dear Editor:I'm writing in response to Anita Rivero. ("Explanation Given," 5/15/09) The interrogation and national security measures taken by our government were not illegal and we should be thankful that we have been protected from a terrorist attack on our country ever since 9/11. Regarding abortion: I'm pro-choice. Women should have the choice whether or not to become pregnant, and they do have that choice (with very rare exceptions), and they do know how to prevent pregnancy. Those rare exceptions do not justify killing a baby. As to malnutrition and starving, the problem is not that our planet can't provide enough food for everyone, the problem is a moral one. Distribution, not supply, is the problem. Greedy, unjust, uncaring and corrupt national leaders are the cause of lack of food for the malnourished. Leaders who expect bribes for food and medicine entering their country, then stash it for their own interests. Leaders who deny education to all but the elite. Leaders who look the other way when terrorists force people to flee as refugees. Yes, enough food can be produced - we just need to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. - Marilyn Evans, Downey

********** Published: May 22, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 5