Public record

Dear Editor:Many people are demanding the release of President Obama's original birth certificate from a hospital in Hawaii to prove that he was born at Kaprolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu. Several lawsuits have been filed seeking to force Obama to disclose proof of this information but have been routinely dismissed by the courts. In May 2010, Linda Lingle, a Republican governor at the time, signed legislation that allowed the state to ignore repeated inquiries. Many people believe Obama was born in Kenya, which would mean that he does not qualify to be a president of the United States. Birth certificates in Hawaii are not public record. The current Democratic governor Neil Abercrombie met Obama's father and became a friend of his. Obama's father is a native of Kenya. Abercrombie arranged for his assistant to state to the public that he is too busy preparing a budget for a state facing a deficit to address this situation. Now, the government is going through more trouble not to show us the original document than to just prove it to the public and end the controversy. The mere fact that the government puts so much effort to not provide his original birth certificate creates doubts of his "legitimate" citizenship and shows there is yet another piece of information to hide from the public. -- Mike Sandoval, Downey

********** Published: January 6, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 38