Letter to the Editor: Street condition

Dear Editor:

I was driving home Friday during the rain storm. When I arrived on Clancey Avenue and Muller Street, the skies had opened up, and as I arrived on the stretch between Gotham and Irwingrove, I was appalled to see the street deteriorating before my very eyes.

Rock aggregate from the the busted up asphalt and road base were being bounced around in the street and sand was washing along the surface.

I have written about the poor roads in our city, and in particular this road for years. I have often wondered and written so in this paper, who is responsible for mowing the grass along the road pot holes!

The city has allowed the road to become completely pock marked with pot holes with asphalt patches substituting for the proper rehabilitation and maintenance of the road surface.

You would think that Mayor Pro Tem Vasquez, the council member for District 4, would take better pride in the streets of the district, and the city as a whole. The city wastes copious amounts of money to hire consultants to come up with a stupid D as a city logo, and to ascertain if the voters would support a raise in sales tax.

Why should we pay more taxes to have crappy roads littered with rocks and sand? If I wanted to drive on a gravel road I'd move out to the Mojave Desert.

Thomas Smith