Letter to the Editor: Liberal bias

Dear Editor: 

It isn't only the liberal press that shows bias favoring the Democrats, it appears the Downey Patriot is also showing their bias in "Paul Ryan vs. the People" (Nov. 5, 2015). 

I'm not necessarily enamored with Ryan, but I do think our social programs need cutting, i.e. Pell grants for college. First, college education has become much too expensive -- cut professors' salaries and other college programs. Also, be sure students are ready for college. 

Then the article states $125 billion in cuts to food stamps for a "mother who relies on food assistance to feed her children." What about the father? Maybe it's time for women to use contraceptives if they can't afford to feed "her" children. Don't forget their healthcare, subsidized housing, their education and many other government programs. 

I'm with Mr. Kirch on super-rich campaign contributors. I believe this is the case of both Democrats and Republicans. Regarding affordable healthcare, I believe there are people on both sides of the aisle who realize that Congress should have read it -- it is too expensive! What Mr. Kirch calls tax credits -- "unearned, earned income tax credit" -- is just a government giveaway to boost income. 

Maybe Donald Trump would stop the hemorrhaging of our jobs overseas. President Obama surely hasn't. Kirch mentions "Congressional Progressive Caucus (meaning Socialism) and renewable energy" (remember Solyndra and the hundreds of millions down the drain for it?). Oh yes, Obama just took many good-paying jobs off the table -- no XL Pipeline jobs. 

Then the article "Don't Shoot the Moderators": "anyone who doesn't realize the media is biased in favor of the Democrats just hasn't been paying attention" (Donald Kaul). It is no assumption. They promote "lying politicians." Mr. Kaul criticizes Marco Rubio about this debt, but never mentions the debt Obama has put on the American people. 

Glad Mr. Kaul realizes how brilliant Ted Cruz is. He has argued seven cases before the Supreme Court and is exceedingly bright. 

Last, but certainly not least," "Brightest Ideas from the GOP's Finest" (Nov. 12, 2015), where Martha Burk has characterized the Republicans as anti-tax, anti-women, anti-immigrant and anti-poor, calling them a fool's dozen Republicans. Maybe she is comparing them with the sterling characters in the Democratic party.

Guest we should start at the top. First, the lies President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, who lied, and it was confirmed at the hearings, about the deaths of four Americans. Susan Rice receive a promotion for it and the other two couldn't have gone higher. The Democrats are heavy on gun control. They would rather the Attorney General, Eric Holder, distribute them to the Mexican drug cartels. How could he know one of the guns would kill one of our Border Patrol? 

It isn't only Bill Clinton who lied to Congress. Remember when Hillary wouldn't find papers until the statute of limitations passed and then they were found on a table in the White House? Imagine papers laying on a table for two years (maid must not have dusted)! Also, people going through her emails said China and Russia probably had more information on her than the U.S. Oh yes, she was the one who pushed the "restart" button with Russia, who cut down the number of defense missiles the U.S. had so Russia now has more than we do.

Poor John Kerry, who with Obama engineered the Iran Treaty, giving them the ability to fulfill their dream: "death to America and death to Israel." Russia is now selling them surface to air missiles. 

Don't forget Ms. Burk makes fun of Cruz thinking we need border control -- why would we need that? And she seems to not mind if we spend almost half a billion a year to kill babies. 

Don't forget the sterling character of the crooks in the IRS and VA who just received $120,000-plus in bonuses. So remember when you vote, don't vote for the "fool's dozen" Republican candidates -- just vote for those with sterling character: the Democrats. 

Elsa Van Leuven