Reason for vote

Dear Editor:I am sorry Mrs. Lugo had so much trouble with this last election. ("Campaign Calls," Letters to the Editor, 11-4-10) When a volunteer for Fernando Vasquez came to my door seeking my vote, I said I was voting for him. She went away and that was that. Had Mr. Saab or Mrs. Sears come to my door, I would have told them the same thing. So I fibbed - I made up my own mind when I was ready. I received a call on Election Day from a female asking that I vote for Mr. Saab. I told her I had voted for someone else and she was satisfied. She said, "At least you voted." I received two pieces of mail from Mr. Saab and three from Mrs. Sears. These, along with four from Mr. Vasquez, came the last few days before the election. Mr. Vasquez got my vote partly because he had his people cross the freeway. I live north of the 5 Freeway and we are part of Downey. For whatever reason, City Council and City Hall seem to ignore us. Of course, if I find a candidate interested in my area, you can bet I will vote for them. The day after the election I came home to a message on my phone from Mr. Vasquez. All he said was "thank you for voting for me." I didn't even expect that. -- Doris Hannon, Downey

********** Published: November 11, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 30