Rebates offered for energy-saving appliances

DOWNEY - Customers of Southern California Edison and the Gas Company have more options and can earn more money in energy rebates following the California Energy Commission's decision last week to offer additional incentives for purchasing energy-efficient appliances and recycling old energy-guzzling models.The expanded program, called the California Cash for Appliances PLUS, now includes energy-efficient dishwashers, freezers, water heaters and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems to existing rebates on refrigerators, clothes washers and room air conditioners. Combining the California Cash for Appliances rebates with the rebates available from the Gas Company and SCE can help a customer earn a maximum of $3,995. "We want to encourage customers to take advantage of the roughly $20 million in remaining state program funds, as well as rebates offered by the utilities, and upgrade to energy-efficient appliances," said Mark Gaines, director of customer programs for the Gas Company. "By doing so, customers are doing their part to help conserve precious natural resources all year round and put a little 'green' back in their pocket every month." According to Gene Rodriguez, director of customer energy efficiency and solar for SCE, there are two cost components to any appliance: the cost to buy it and the energy cost to run it. "We hope that these excellent new incentives will help our customers make even smarter purchasing decisions so that they'll be able to shrink their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint as well," he said. Although SCE's and the Gas Company's rebate programs will be available year-round, the Cash for Appliances rebates will only be available on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified purchases until funds are exhausted. Utility customers can begin taking advantage of the new incentives immediately. Residential customers can receive one rebate for each type of appliance: $200 to $1,000 for heating and ventilation systems; $100 to $750 for water heaters; $200 for a new refrigerator; $100 for a new dishwasher; $100 for a new clothes washer; and $50 for a freezer or room air conditioner. These rebates can be combined with the rebates offered by the utilities. To find out which appliance models qualify for rebates, and details on recycling old appliances, go to

********** Published: August 12, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 17