Rebuttal to Lawrence Christon

Dear Editor: I have to say that I’m shocked, disgusted, and appalled at Lawrence Christon’s despicable letter (“Important Omission,” 2/19/15).

One would think that a writer/journalist (especially a professional) knows to first research his facts before attempting to slander people like the Kerns who generously give freely of their time, efforts and talent to promote not only the Downey arts but also showcase Downey’s deserving volunteers, and promotes Downey’s commerce for no monetary gain for themselves.

Mr. Christon not only brings disgrace to himself but also puts into question the accurateness of others of his profession. Mr. Christon has committed a disservice to Downey and who knows where else.

Shame on him!

Yolanda Adele




Published: March 12, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 48