Reggae group spreads word of God

DOWNEY - Christafari, who describes themselves as "a group of people who collectively represent Christ", will perform new songs from their latest album, "No Compromise," tonight at the Desert Reign Church, located at 11610 Lakewood Blvd.The reggae group, which formed in 1990 under lead vocalist Mark Mohr, has made it their mission to spread the word of God using music. The group's songs incorporate many different themes, ranging from life experiences to religion. So far Christafari has created 10 albums. Their newest recording, "No Compromise", was made available for free download this week. Mohr, now an ordained pastor, explains that during his youth he strayed from his religious upbringing and turned to drugs and alcohol. It was not until he turned 18 that he had a shocking epiphany from God, which resulted in what Mohr calls his "Freedom Step Out of Addiction" at summer camp. "It was truly the spirit of God and faith of my parents that helped me," Mohr said. Today, Mohr believes that becoming a Christian has given him a purpose in life. Specifically, "Christianity is life and has given me life," he said. In the context of Christafari's goal to proselytize Christianity, Mohr continues, "Christianity has given me more joy and love and peace to survive humanity". When asked about how living as a Christian has affected him personally, Mohr said, "Christianity is not a lifestyle but a relationship. God has blessed you and will not let you down like others will." The group has celebrated many music awards throughout the years. In 2006 alone Christafari received four Marlin Award nominations, five Urban Gospel Industry Award nominations and was nominated for Best Reggae Album by the En Sound Music Awards. "To me the Marlin Award means the most because our group was celebrated in the Caribbean as the best reggae group," Mohr said. He added, "The award means a lot because my grandmother, who is 106, was so proud when I gave it to her." For more information on Christafari's concert dates visit, and to download their new album, "No Compromise", go to For information on tonight's concert, call (562)‚Äà861-6011. Stephanie Cobau is a journalism intern for the Downey Patriot.

********** Published: July 24, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 14