Remember to scoop

Dear Editor:Many people have pets, especially dogs and cats, and with ownership comes responsibilities. If your dog poops, please scoop, place it in a plastic bag and then into a trash can - the sooner the better. There are many reasons for quick removal. Scientists have discovered that dog waste is one of the many causes of water pollution, and this pollution poses a great hazard to human health. The rainy season has arrived so this material will quickly liquefy and flow directly into the ocean. Flies and insects will follow each other to the location of food. We often see them in our homes, in our kitchens and they also love to join us at barbecues. They watch each other constantly so when one finds food, all of the others gather to eat. A common scenario: a fly lands on doggy doo, walks around then heads for our kitchen or BBQ. Their feet, loaded with bad bacteria, then walk on our food or food preparation surface, thus spreading infected material. To keep Downey beautiful remember these words of wisdom: when your pet poops, you scoop, and also keep a supply of inexpensive fly swatters within easy reach. -- Byron Dillon, Committee member, Keep Downey Beautiful

********** Published: October 21, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 27