Remembering Isaac Sammuel Rincon

Isaac came into our lives and formed a friendship with my son. They were just shy of eight years old when their adventures began. Reflecting over those years I recall the victories on the soccer field, the sleepovers ending with pancakes and syrup, the birthday celebrations, the tree climbing in our backyard, the family dinners followed by a prayer at our table and the endless nights of family board games and laughter that filled our home. Their childhood together was filled with memorable moments that are etched in our mind, in our hearts and in our souls.  

Isaac started his fight two years ago when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Unfortunately heaven couldn't wait and he was taken from us earlier than he should have been. Isaac taught us to be selfless and to think of others before ourselves. He taught us how to fight, when to fight, and that you can never fight too hard. He taught us to appreciate the little things in life, because he appreciated everything in his. He showed us how to smile when we're dealt a bad hand. He taught us what love is, because now we know how it feels when it's taken away. Isaac made a lasting impression on everyone he met and that is why everyone will remember him. We'll remember his constant smile and his sparkling personality. We'll all remember to look up at night and find the brightest star, and know it's him. We’ll always remember him. With Love- The Correa Family


I can still remember meeting you as a little boy. You were always so handsome even as a child. I remember all your confidence and your passion for the things you loved. I felt proud of your accomplishments, even though you weren’t my son. I felt the need to show off all your commercials and talked about your auditions to anyone who would give me the time.


It has been an honor to know you, love you and share with you unforgettable moments. You’ve taught us to smile, even when times were tough. You showed us how to love and live each day to the fullest. Isaac, you kept giving when anyone else woud have quit. I will no longer let the silly obligatons of life distract me from the cherished gift of time with family and friends. I thank you for that. Rest in peace my sweet boy. Your friend, Emma Sosa


Upon learning of Isaac's diagnosis with cancer during his 7th grade year, we along with all of Isaac’s friends immediately felt compelled to do whatever we could to assist him and make him feel better especially when he was in the hospital. In times like these we realize that our professional duty as school counselors in this community is really that of an additional family member being there for your children in their time of need. We reached out to Dea and Manuel and made sure they knew we had their back for whatever Isaac needed. Isaac was incredibly social and was loved by his family and friends who always showed tremendous support for any of the activities the school sponsored in his honor. One of our favorites was the idea of a quilt for Isaac, something he could wrap around him when he was cold, afraid or just needed a reminder of how much he was loved. Students and staff from his elementary school (Rio San Gabriel), middle school (Doty) and his current high school (Downey) along with Isaac’s family and friends gathered on a Wednesday afternoon to create patches for his quilt. Everyone who participated were able to showcase their love and support for Isaac by making a personalized patch. Mrs. Stella, Isaac’s 8th grade Social Studies teacher, knew of a wonderful group of women from the Placentia 2nd Ward Relief Society who could take the squares and sew them together into a beautiful quilt. When it was finished Isaac’s former middle school counselors, Mrs. Redfox and Mrs. Navarro presented it to Isaac when he came home from the hospital. We will never forget the look on Isaac's face when presented with the quilt. Isaac’s face lit up and he was genuinely grateful and immediately started pinpointing recognizable names and drawings of love and hope from the patches his loved ones had created for him. We took a picture with Isaac holding his quilt with his million dollar smile and our hearts were happy. Isaac's smile and kind heart were infectious. It was easy to love him. He was a very strong young man who made such an impact on the lives of so many. Isaac Rincon holds a very special place in our in hearts and we will forever be grateful that our lives were touched by his. He will always be our hero. With an abundance of love, Your East/Doty Knights Counselors, Mrs. Redfox & Mrs. Navarro



Published: May 21, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 06