Republican viewpoint

Dear Editor:A few weeks ago I wrote a Letter to the Editor challenging a letter Greta Campbell wrote, but after finding out she was homeless, I called The Downey Patriot and asked they not print the letter. However, I believe Ms. Campbell needs to be challenged on some statements. First, I have good news for her. I, a Republican, took time to search out a place where she can sleep safely at night. One is the Alvarez Center in Whittier - (562) 696-7136 - and The Little House in Bellflower - (562) 925-27777. This information came from a very fine man who has devoted most of his life helping people, and who tried opening a homeless shelter in Downey, Bellflower and, I think, Long Beach. He was turned down and said he almost went bankrupt trying to do so. I'm sure Mayor Brossmer and any on the City Council would like to help but there isn't any money to do so. I believe Ms. Campbell mentioned in another letter she thought President Obama would help. This isn't a federal government responsibility, nor a state responsibility. If they implemented it, it would cost probably 50 times what the poor would get in a federal program. It is the responsibility of people who care. Unfortunately, Ms. Campbell is not the only one with this problem. Many have lost their homes, some of which should have never been put in a home they couldn't afford by the federal government. The U.S. is almost $16 trillion in debt and still over-spending. Now, regarding Mitt Romney's tax forms - I don't recall people being so unhappy because President Kennedy was rich. The difference is Gov. Romney earned his money and gave away the inheritance of his father to charitable organizations. President Kennedy inherited his wealth, as did all the Kennedy children. They didn't work for it. President Roosevelt was very rich - no problems with that. You want to see Romney's tax returns - how about all in Congress showing theirs too, but this issue died down when it was discovered that Nancy Pelosi and others had investments in offshore ventures. I'd like to see President Obama's high school and college transcripts. Can someone tell me how he got into Columbia University and Harvard, since he stated he had little interest in high school and just "hung out" and used marijuana and cocaine during this time? The 18 months he was a senator, his voting record was "present" 70 percent of the time - not "yes" or "no." If Ms. Campbell thinks President Obama is so great, why can she and others not find a job and we see more and more on government care programs? Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: September 20, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 23