Resident writes finance book for teens

DOWNEY - Wil Stanton, a Downey resident and substitute teacher in Orange County, used to work in finance, helping young people learn the basics that weren't being taught in schools.After years of trying to manage the unrealistic expectations of young people who didn't have the resources to help them become financially literate, Stanton gave up. Leaving banking, he became a teacher in order to verify that his worst fear was true: teens are not given adequate tools to help them learn about financial basics. Stanton's new book, "Finance For Youth: The Book," brings important topics like finding a job and buying a car to young people "in their own language." "The government regulates interest rates, loan eligibility and almost every other facet of personal finance, but when it comes to teaching future generations - they get some cheerleader from the local bank," Stanton said. "It's no surprise that all of their answers start and end with people having to go into the branch for more information." Stanton's book is available on

********** Published: September 2, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 20