Residents warned of possible stink

DOWNEY - The Lunday-Thagard Refinery (LTR) in South Gate notified the city of Downey that they would begin routine maintenance on one of their large filter systems at the plant on Garfield Boulevard beginning on Wednesday morning and possibly continue through Thursday. The message was received on Tuesday afternoon.A representative of LTR added he did not believe any odors from the maintenance operation would be detected outside the facility. LTR changed their material handling practices in 2010. In the past, there have been complaints from the neighborhoods adjacent to the Rio Hondo Riverbed of a sulfur type odor during similar maintenance operations. As of this writing, on Thursday morning, there have been no complaints of odor problems as a result of the LTR maintenance. If residents detect an odor in the future they should contact the AQMD directly at 1-800-CUT-SMOG. If residents believe there is a safety problem with the odor they detect, they should contact the Downey Fire Department utilizing the 911 system. If residents believe they smell natural gas they should contact the fire department and the gas company. The emergency contact number for the gas company is 1-800-427-2200. City staff used the reverse 911 system to notify the residents and businesses in the southwest area of the city of the planned maintenance on Tuesday evening. Many residents called the contact number from the message to confirm the information. All were pleased they had been notified in advance. The residents and businesses in the area who had registered using the 'opt-in' system for reverse 911 were also notified. Cell phone numbers and information are not a part of the emergency contact information available to the city through the city landline carrier (Verizon). The 'opt-in' system gives cell phone owners the option of receiving telephone and text messages when the reverse 911 system is used. Residents and businesses may also opt-in with their e-mail addresses. The opt-in system can be accessed at the city website ( Interested parties can learn more about the opt-in system by clicking on the 'quick links' button and then highlighting the 'citizen alert' line. Questions or comments about this article can be sent to -Mark Sauter, city of Downey

********** Published: February 10, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 43