Respect our laws

Dear Editor:I wonder if Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard realizes that she, the U.S. Congress and the President are responsible for the problem of deporting illegal parents of U.S. citizens. ("Roybal-Allard Decries Deportations," 3/29/12) These 46,000 (1,500 from the Los Angeles area) chose to break our laws and, apparently not caring about their children enough, broke the law, knowing the possible consequences of their illegal actions. This terrible human toll rests on them and the lack of enforcing our immigration laws. Yes, our system is broken, but Roybal-Allard and our leaders refuse to close the borders, thereby preventing more of the same problem. Roybal-Allard's answer is always "comprehensive immigration" which translates into "make them all legal," to get more votes. Can the illegal parents take their children back to Mexico with them, so that families won't be broken up? It is unconscionable that they leave 5,000 children for U.S. taxpayers to support, educate, pay medical bills for, etc. The articles by Tina Vasquez, as written about in the letter by Carol Kearns last week, detail how Mexicans are treated in Alabama. I don't know how Alabama treats them, but in Los Angeles, if an illegal is driving illegally without a license, their car will not be impounded. Also, they have no insurance, so we are required to pay more on our insurance to cover any damages if they have an accident. Hispanics also get special preference to attend college. Ms. Kearns wants to know what I would do for my children if the country of origin provided little in the way of economic stability. Answer: I would join the millions of Mexicans to fight for good government as we in the U.S. have done and continue to do. Why do Ms. Kearns and others think that illegal immigrants have the right to break our laws and the rest of the world doesn't? She must realize that there are poor people and poor leadership all over the world. Mexico has a very strict immigration policy. Betty Logan, Downey

Dear Editor: Honest and accurate points by Mr. Frank Myers. ("Immigration Law," Letters to the Editor, 3/29/12) I might add to that as a light of hope that getting rid of our political enablers and thieves of the public purse, ala Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, who hasn't met an illegal alien she didn't try and give your hard-earned tax money to, would go far in helping solve the problem. Bill D. Berger, Downey

********** Published: April 5, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 51